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Shabnum, her husband and two children were struggling to survive on Universal Credit. As a refugee with no one else to turn to, Shabnum applied to the NZF Hardship Relief Fund so her family could at least afford the very basics they needed to live.

Here’s how your Zakat relieved Shabnum’s financial burdens and emotional distress.

Life as a refugee in the UK isn’t easy. When we came here, me and my husband had to start our lives all over again in a country and language that was completely foreign to us.

Every day since has been a mental and financial struggle. With two children to take care of, it’s a struggle to cover our monthly costs on Universal Credit alone. And right now, the UK is in lockdown because of the coronavirus, so our future is more uncertain than ever and finding work is impossible.

Eventually, when the bills had piled up, my overdraft had maxed out, and we were struggling to afford even the basics like food shopping, I had no choice but to apply for National Zakat Foundation’s Hardship Relief Fund.

Thankfully, the Hardship team at NZF has been able to provide me and my family with some stability.

They agreed to pay £225 of our debt and give us £750 to help cover our living costs for the month. It’s the first time in years I haven’t had to worry about how we’re going to survive.

Your Zakat not only put food on our table, but it also relieved the mental strain I’ve been living under for so long.

I pray that God removes your distress, just like you helped remove mine.

Right here, right now, Muslims across the country are struggling to get by as the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic has taken effect. With the spread of the coronavirus, the need for Zakat amongst the UK’s Muslims has risen sharply. Applications for Zakat through NZF have more than doubled since the outbreak began.

Give your Zakat through NZF and help us stop Muslims from falling into poverty during this difficult time.

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This post is based on a true story.

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