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These are investments you have immediate access to for example, cash in your bank accounts, wallet and even the stash of cash you have in your money box for that rainy day! Yep, even the few pounds hiding deep in the pocket of your jeans counts too! 

What counts as a cash and liquid assets? 

All assets owned for your personal use are exempt from Zakat except, cash, gold and silver. Any income earned through salaries, benefits and rental income may be Zakatable. 

We are not going to cover rulings relating to livestock and agriculture in these pages as the number of people dealing with these assets are limited. If you have a specific enquiry regarding livestock, feel free to contact us at or 

As Zakat is an individual payment we understand that all situations are different – we’re always here to help and are more than happy to answer your queries. 


Reviewed on 30/11/2021

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