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  1. Scholars check NZF’s work and endorse NZF: NZF’s approach to distributing Zakat was developed by Mufti Faraz Adam and is certified as sound by Mufti Amjad from Markaz al-Iftaʾ wa’l-Qadaʾ, the Centre for Religious Rulings & Mediation. See our certifications here.
  2. NZF is transparent about how we distribute your Zakat: Our processes and criteria are publicly available, here. We provide ongoing updates on how and where we are giving out Zakat overall through Zakat Live. We give personalised updates to show givers who their Zakat has been able to help (with no names given of course!). Learn more about ZakaTracker here.
  3. NZF is transparent about our finance and governance processes. Here’s a link to the latest Annual Report.
  4. External evaluators rate NZF highlyCharity Clarity has awarded NZF 4 stars out of 5. The average charity award is 3 stars.
  5. External auditors rate NZF highly. Every year the financial auditor Sayer Vincent gives NZF a clear positive (“unqualified”) audit opinion about our finances. The auditor describes NZF’s governance as ‘strong’.
  6. Other charities are convinced: In 2022 Islamic Relief (for the second time) and Muslim Aid (for the first time) have each asked NZF to distribute £100,000 of their givers’ Zakat and have been satisfied with the distribution. In 2023, Islamic Relief plan for NZF to distribute a further £300,000 of their givers’ Zakat. See more about our work with those charities here and here.
  7. Givers are convinced: in 2022, nearly 12,000 people in the UK trusted us with their giving, up from 10,000 in 2021. 
  8. Recipients are convinced: Recipients of NZF’s hardship fund on average rate NZF 4.3 out of 5 for getting finances back on track, 4.8 out of 5 for helping them feel closer to the community, and 4.8 out of 5 for increased faith.  
  9. NZF is unique and experienced at getting your Zakat directly to Zakat-eligible individual Muslims in need across the UK, mainly through cash transfers. We helped over 17,000 eligible Muslims in need in 2022, up from over 11,000 in 2021. We’ve helped 51,000 people in need since 2011. We’ve checked many more. See “Your  Impact” for more details.



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