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  • We understand how important it is to make sure Zakat givers can trust that their Zakat is being given out to those who genuinely need it and in a way which is religiously sound.    
  • We meticulously ensure that only applicants who should be receiving it are given Zakat. We take a proportionate approach, weighing up the cost and time of checks with the value of the financial support.   
  • For applicants to all funds, we insist applicants provide proof of their identity. We check their documentation is genuine.     
  • For applicants to all funds, we check their financial situation. We insist applicants provide bank statements or provide us access to their accounts via an Online Banking Portal. Again, we check they are genuine.    
  • If there is any doubt as to whether a person qualifies for Zakat based on the information they’ve given us, our experienced Grants Officers will ask the applicant more questions before making a decision.    
  • For applicants to the Education fund, where the value of financial support we give is higher, we make extra checks. We ask for references and check that the individual is aligned with the values of the organisation and does not pose a risk to the interests of the Muslim community. 
  • We have someone in NZF dedicated to checking the quality of the eligibility checking process year round, and feeding back to make sure the team takes learnings on board. 
  • Independent scholars have checked and certified our Zakat policies and processes as religiously sound. See this page for our Certifications and Policies and you can view our Annual Reports here.



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