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Shares, unit trusts and equity investments that you have purchased with the intention to make a profit and resell – or through which you receive dividends are all Zakatable.

Differences arise amongst scholars regarding:

  • 1) The type of business that the company deals in
  • 2) Considering it similar to the Zakat on business and trade. This is the preferred opinion and the one that we at NZF adhere to

Types of shareholders

There are two types of shareholder:

  • 1) The person who buys shares as an investment and wants to attain dividends – this type of shareholder pays Zakāt on the zakatable assets that comprise the share, similar to a share in a business.
  • 2) The person who buys shares to trade – i.e. trading stock. This type of shareholder must pay Zakat on the market value.


Approved by Mufti Amjad 7th August 2023

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