Your Zakat year should begin on the date your wealth equals or surpasses the Nisab; Zakat should then be calculated and paid after one lunar year has passed which is the Hawl. Annually, Zakat should always be paid on this date. If you cannot remember the date you first became owner of the Nisab, then the date should be estimated. If this is not possible, then a specific Islamic date should be selected arbitrarily and adhered to annually. This is referred to as your ‘Zakat due date’ or ‘Zakat anniversary’ on this website.

Paying Zakat in Ramadan is not necessary, although giving charity in this month guarantees greater rewards.

If you use the NZF online calculator you will be prompted for your Zakat anniversary or be asked to choose one if it’s your first time paying Zakat. If you register for the service it will remember your Zakat anniversary and send you a reminder the following year. It couldn’t be easier!

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