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  • Every individual giving their Zakat through NZF can choose how much of their Zakat will go to help people in hardship, how much to people in need of housing or work support, and how much to community leaders/champions applying for financial help with education and training.  
  • A key aim of Zakat is to uplift the Muslim community and bring about positive, lasting change. Muslim religious leaders and other community champions who can help the Muslim community often want to invest in their training and development to benefit the community, but are held back by their financial circumstances. We give Zakat givers the opportunity to support them.  
  • All recipients are checked for Zakat eligibility before receiving funds.
  • Scholars endorse our Zakat policy. Our approach to distributing Zakat is certified as sound by the UK Islamic Shariah Council and Markaz al-Iftaʾ wa’l-Qadaʾ, the Centre for Religious Rulings & Mediation. Mufti Faraz Adam from NZF Worldwide and Mufti Amjad from Markaz al-Iftaʾ wa’l-Qada check and advise on our distribution regularly. See our certifications here. 


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