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1) Does all your Zakat fund get used on Muslims in the UK or those inclined towards Islam?


2) Can you please give me an overview on where your Zakat pot will get used E.g 10% here and 30% there?


1. All Zakat is used for Muslims in the UK. In exceptional circumstances, we have considered those inclined towards Islam with the guidance of scholars, but this has been very rare and will continue to be so for the time being.

2. Over the last year, NZF Zakat distribution has been just over £800k, £220k of which on supported housing projects and £580k of which on hardship grants in response to direct applications and referrals for support – we have now dealt with close to 1,400 applicant’s in 2013 Alhamdulillah.

Over the next year, we expect Zakat distribution to increase by over 50% insha’Allah to at least £1.2m. £380k will be on supported housing projects because we have now launched a new project in Manchester for homeless sisters and a new ex-offenders project in London. We expect demand from applicants to increase and therefore £820k to be distributed in hardship grants to a further 1,200 individuals and families.

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