Highest number of people apply to NZF for support in a single day


In the past week, the need for Zakat amongst the UK’s Muslims has continued to rise sharply.

On Friday 10th April we had the busiest day in NZF’s history since launching in 2011, with 166 people reaching out to us for help.

More people are falling into poverty, while those already struggling to make ends meet are being hit hardest by the crisis.

Experts will continue to try and predict the long-term impact of this public health crisis on the economy, but right here, right now, we’re already seeing the effect it’s having on the most vulnerable in our community.

Many Muslims in need across the country have been applying to NZF for support. Our grants team has been working hard on behalf of our Zakat payers. With Allah’s help, we’re managing to meet this need and help many struggling Muslims buy food, groceries and other basic essentials.

The demand for Zakat in the UK

At a time like this it’s easy to feel helpless, but we have a unique opportunity to help our fellow Muslims through this difficulty with Zakat.

Zakat is a way to help those less fortunate than us, uplift the community and connect with our brothers and sisters across the country, even though we cannot meet them in person.

With many already at breaking point, and the situation likely to get worse, it’s clear that now, more than ever, is the time for local Zakat.

Here are 2 ways you can help your brothers and sisters during these difficult times:


✅ If you have Zakat to give this year, please consider giving it through NZF to help Muslims on your doorstep dealing with historic levels of poverty and hardship right now. We’re in this together. Give Zakat here: https://nzf.org.uk/pay-zakat/

✅ If you know someone is struggling, please let them know that NZF might be able to help. Tell them to apply at www.nzf.org.uk/apply. It would also be great to help them fill out the application form if you can.

May Allah keep us all safe, healthy and faithful in these times of uncertainty.
Coronavirus update 11/04/2020