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Reports suggest Muslim professionals are significantly more likely to have lost their jobs during the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic than the wider population 

22nd April 2021

A recent article in Asian Image has shone a light on the significant and disproportionate impact of lockdown on Muslim professionals.  

Citing figures from Muslim Census, the article highlights how, in August 2020 alone, 2.5% of people in the UK lost their jobs, while this rate was six times higher within the Muslim community, at 15%.  

These alarming figures have understandably led to a spike in demand for Zakat, with NZF spokesperson Mahboob Hussain commenting: 

NZF spokesperson, Mahboob Hussain commented: 

““The pandemic has resulted in serious financial difficulty for many Muslims across the UK, and we have seen a notable increase in the need for monetary support and access to the hardship fund over the last 12 months”. 

“Zakat donations have been pivotal for supporting the UK Muslim community and will continue to be as the effects of the pandemic remain.”  

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