Zakat Expert

Zakat recipient Muhammad talks to BBC Asian Network about the shocking and stressful circumstances he was in and how NZF helped him survive.


Having lost his construction job due to the pandemic, Muhammad found himself fighting a losing battle to pay his rent and provide for his wife and two young children. Forced to spend two days without any energy supply and go without food so he could feed his kids instead, Muhammad finally got the help he needed thanks to local Zakat.

His story is a stark reminder of the sheer levels of hardship many are experiencing, right here, right now.

Muhammad was joined during the segment by NZF CEO Iqbal Nasim who was asked about the scale of the situation and how local Zakat is helping people in need get through this historically challenging period.

The interview covers:

  1. The overwhelming amount of local poverty and need that has been created by the coronavirus
  2. How local Zakat is helping those struggling through these difficult times
  3. The importance of more Zakat being given to those on our doorstep this Ramadan

Now, more than ever, is the time for local Zakat. We’re currently receiving an application from someone in need every 15 minutes. We’ve never had to turn some away due to lack of Zakat funds and we don’t want to start now.

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