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In an article in Charity Today, NZF has warned that charities are not investing enough in technology.  

27th April 2021

The use of technology by businesses and consumers alike has continued to soar over recent years, and the circumstances of lockdown have if anything placed even greater emphasis on organisations to effectively leverage tech to deliver a smoother and more effective service.  

But in a recent article in Charity Today, NZF warns that the charity sector is failing to adequately keep up with the demands of this constantly evolving space. 

The article calls on charities to make bolder choices and commit more resource to ensure they are staying ahead of the curve and meeting donor expectations.  

 It also highlights several ways NZF is striving to do just that by using real-time data and application and donation trackers to provide donors with a transparent view of where their money is spent. These cutting edge tools known as  ZakaTracker and Zakat Liveput NZF at the forefront of digital transformation. 

NZF spokesperson, Mahboob Hussain commented: 

“The lack of trust in the third sector is a real issue. However, real-time trackers provide crucial levels of transparency we couldn’t achieve before. 

“A key factor enabling the lack of trust in charities not knowing how as a donor their money was spent. People want to help other people, not necessarily an organisation, and trackers allow us to give the donor insight into where their money is going and who it is helping.” 

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