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In the news: how Zakat helped a victim of domestic abuse overburdened with debt 

22nd June 2021

For several years now, one of the biggest national challenges for the UK has been finding a solution to the infamous housing crisis. However, solutions are often impeded by those acting in self-interest. 

In this article, NZF Chief Executive challenges the notion that the Great British countryside is under threat from ‘sprawling urbanisation’ and sheds light on the social repercussions of this blockage.  

“The UK needs approximately 345,000 new homes per year if we are to tackle our housing crisis. It is also estimated that by developing just 5.2 per cent of the existing Green Belt, we could build 1.4 million homes.” 

He argues that fleeting attempts to denote the protection of the Green Belt to environmental concerns or other ‘noble’ factors are diversions from the truth.  

“It’s time we had an honest and logical conversation about the housing crisis and the Green Belt straight jacket. As long as the Green Belt development restrictions exist, so too will the housing crisis. The cost comes in the form of mental health problems, delayed child development, overcrowding and a looming demographic crisis.” 

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