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In this article, NZF introduces their latest Covid Recovery Fund to protect Muslims from losing their homes.  

October 4th 2021

By now, it is common knowledge that the circumstances of the pandemic exasperated already dire conditions for Muslims in the UK. For renters, this was no different.  

To aid the nation through this, the government introduced laws to protect renters with rent arrears from imminent eviction. However, with the nation’s unpredictable economy, this has all changed – leaving renters who are still getting back on their feet in a difficult position.  

In response, NZF has introduced a Covid Recovery scheme to help support those at the greatest risk of losing their homes.  

Head of Service Delivery at NZF, Reza Jugon commented; 

‘Hardship is predicted to increase throughout winter as per annual trends. This covid recovery scheme will act as a lifeline to thousands of Muslims in the UK.’  

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