Zakat Expert

The go-to Zakat platform for the fintech industry 

At NZF, we work hard to provide a service which is grounded in our faith and reflective of our modern needs. As part of our ongoing efforts to build a cutting-edge Zakat-giving experience, we’re collaborating with our brothers and sisters in the fintech industry.

This approach includes identifying areas where we can cross over and add mutual value. We also aim to ensure we’re helping businesses, professional networks and individuals within the sector have a more convenient Zakat-giving experience that caters to their needs.


Here’s a list of fintech partners we’re proud to be working with:

We work with Islamic Finance Guru (who help their users calculate Zakat and give to NZF among other charities. We’ve also delivered a range of online livestreams in partnership with IFG, helping Muslims better understand Zakat as part of their wider personal financial management.


The Kestrl app helps Muslims achieve their financial goals without compromising on their religious values, through budgeting, saving and investing for the future. And now, you can use the app to calculate and give your Zakat directly to NZF.


Rizq is the UK’s first alternative Islamic digital banking app. If you use Rizq, you can now calculate and give your Zakat, directly through the app.