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This year, in recognition of the unprecedented challenges that have been faced by many since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Giving Tuesday is running its GiveBack2020 initiative for people up and down the country people to give generously to causes close to their heart and take something positive from this difficult year.

But who will be there for UK Muslims in need today?

NZF is the only platform with a national reach that connects Zakat to Muslims in poverty and hardship right here in the UK.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, the level of need has been unprecedented.

Zakat has been a lifeline for Muslims in need up and down the country. But with need at an all-time high, our pot is getting smaller by the day.

The Zakat is running out, but sadly, the need is here to stay.

As part of GiveBack2020, we’re calling on the community, individuals, charities, Masjids and organisations. Will you help your brothers and sisters by making sure we don’t run out of Zakat?

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