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How the need for Zakat skyrocketed during the pandemic 

“This has been the worst year of my life; I was so frightened that I would lose my home.”

New figures revealed by NZF alongside Islamic Relief UK have received widespread coverage this week, as the impact of the COVID pandemic on the Muslim community becomes clearer.

In this powerful story, the Huffington Post tell the heart-wrenching story of NZF beneficiary Lina, a Syrian refugee whose attempts at rebuilding her life were dealt a devastating blow when the pandemic broke out.

“I was working shifts as a waitress as and when I was needed,” she said. “If I had known lockdown was about to happen, I would have worked more shifts and saved up some money. Instead, Covid made my world crash and the debts piled up and I had no money.”

Thankfully, Lina was encouraged to apply for Zakat which helped her get some relief during the difficult times.

But she’s just one of many, with around £3.8million in Zakat having been distributed throughout 2020, compared to £2.9 million the previous year.

As Iqbal Nasim, NZF Chief Executive commented: “This is unprecedented. We’ve never seen anything like it before and it is a clear indication of just how much Covid-19 is impacting Muslims across the country. By the end of 2020, UK Zakat payers had provided support to almost 15,000 beneficiaries via the NZF.”

At NZF, we see first-hand every day the practical power Zakat has to help people in need and create a more thriving, closer community where everyone has the chance to succeed and overcome their financial circumstances. The recent events on Wall Street are the latest example of why such an approach to social welfare is important and could have many benefits to wider society if it can be replicated.

Read the full story in the Huffington Post here.

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