Islamic Relief UK and National Zakat Foundation Join Forces to Support Palestinian Families in the UK

Wednesday 15th March, 2023


NZF is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Islamic Relief UK (IRUK) aimed at providing financial relief to Palestinians living in the UK. The new initiative is a response to the increasing needs of the Palestinian community, influenced by the ripple effects of the ongoing situation in Palestine.

Sohail Hanif, Chief Executive of NZF, said:

“We’re acutely aware of the profound impact global crises can have on local communities and are committed to supporting the Palestinian community through our collaborative efforts with IRUK. Through this initiative, we’re acknowledging the broader context of their struggles and supporting them in their time of need.”

Islamic Relief UK has committed to funding this initiative with an initial investment of £112,000 and an agreement to match this figure in subsequent phases, bringing their total contribution to £224,000. This funding will help ensure that the necessary resources are available to adequately support affected families and individuals.

The partnership is an important step toward addressing the needs of specific communities facing hardships due to crises far beyond their control and highlights the importance of solidarity during times of global distress. The collaboration not only offers immediate relief but also sets a precedent for future efforts that can adapt to the evolving challenges faced by vulnerable Muslim communities in the UK.