Zakat Expert

NZF provides update on the Cost-of-Living Crisis to London Assembly.

The National Zakat Foundation (NZF) is continuing to play a key role in addressing the ongoing cost-of-living crisis gripping Muslim communities across the UK.

In a recent session at London’s City Hall, Dr Sohail Hanif, CEO, presented an insightful update to the Cost-of-Living Working Group of the London Assembly, led by Assembly Member, Hina Bokari.

Dr Hanif presented the latest data and insights drawn from the organisation’s extensive work over recent months, reflecting NZF’s commitment to alleviate this pressing societal issue.

The information revealed a significant growth in applications for assistance across the capital. A detailed examination of demographic trends and areas of high demand were also discussed, highlighting the diverse and wide-ranging impacts of the ongoing crisis.

Dr Hanif said: “I’m delighted we were able to share such important information with London Assembly members and their teams, expressing NZF’s dedication to fostering collaborative partnerships. We do a huge amount of work in the capital and building partnerships and understanding amongst policymakers will help us in our mission to build a stronger Muslim community.”

NZF’s contributions are essential in shaping an accurate understanding of the cost-of-living crisis and will help inform the working group’s broader investigation.

The group is consulting with numerous welfare organisations from across the capital to construct a more comprehensive picture of those struggling with the rising cost of living. Their findings will be incorporated into a report to be issued later this year, thus highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing this crisis.

With its dedicated efforts, NZF is not just helping to alleviate the immediate hardships faced by Muslims across the UK, but also furthering its mission to strengthen the community by fostering key strategic partnerships.