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We see the transformative power of Zakat every single day. But it’s not so common for these real stories to make it into the national headlines.

22nd April 2021

But in this recent article in the Metro, that’s just what happened. The article tells the harrowing story of an NZF recipient who was left abandoned by her family and friends after making the life-changing decision to convert to Islam.

Things worsened when the lady, who is also a single mother, lost her job.

Zakat helped her through this difficult patch, made her feel part of the community and helped to keep her faith steadfast.

“I never expected to be receiving Zakat so soon after becoming Muslim. But the hardship grant I was paid helped me get out of debt, buy some modest new work clothes that fitted my post-baby body and helped me to get back to work in a new job. Like a lot of people through the last year, I have felt very, very alone. But I’ve also realised that there are people I’d never even thought of who are looking out for me.”

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