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In the news: how Zakat helped a victim of domestic abuse overburdened with debt 

3rd May 2021

Zakat is a powerful force in supporting our brothers and sisters. Howeverthe magnitude of its effect can be overlooked until we hear real-life stories of its impact. 

In this article in the Metro, a resilient sister shares her personal experience of overcoming the mentalphysical and financial abuse of her husband. 

As her husband’s business shut down due to the pandemic, his financial situation crumbled and his whole personality seemed to have changed overnight. His behaviour continued to get worse until it was completely unbearable. 

It was midway through the first lockdown that he became impossible to live with. When I told him I wanted to leave, he told me he would financially cut me and the children off, and that the wages from my part-time job wouldn’t be enough for the four of us to live on. 

I knew he was right, so I gritted my teeth and tried to survive.” 

After months of suffering in agony, she managed to seek support from a friend and leave her abusive husband with her children.  
Zakat helped her recover from the debt her abuser left her and her children with and start to rebuild her life.  

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