NZF data shows Muslims in the north of the UK are most in need

Tuesday 26th July 2022

Our in-house data shows that Muslims in the north of the UK are most in need. 

NZF has found that Muslims in the north of the UK are more in need of financial support than their southern counterparts. Through our data, we have the ability to see the Zakat shortage or surplus in different regions of the UK. Our figures show that Bradford, Liverpool and Manchester were the top 3 areas where the shortfall between Zakat collected and Zakat distributed was greatest.

Our CEO, Dr Sohail Hanif spoke with Mancunian Matters about the issues we are facing.

“More Muslims than ever gave their Zakat through NZF this year and this shows the level of care and support our community shows to each other,”

“However, there are areas of the country where our funds are not keeping pace with the level of need. It’s vital that we remember the real, positive change that giving Zakat locally can have on people and families in our towns and cities here in the UK.”

This is sobering news given the worst of the cost-of-living crisis is likely yet to come. With energy bills soaring, the upcoming winter could be among the hardest we’ve faced in decades. Muslims make up a considerable portion of the major northern cities, and we are also seeing more applications from women to receive support from our Zakat funds. Our director of services Rizwan Yusoof spoke with Islam Channel about how the dynamics are changing.


“Whereas in the past, it may have been the man bringing in money and reaching out if needed, now sisters are taking it upon themselves to reach out for help because things have become more desperate.”

“For example, Bradford we’ve seen more Zakat given out than we’ve taken. We’ve seen a greater level of demand but sadly not seeing the response that’s needed from that community.”

“What we’re trying to do with the data is go back to those communities and say, ‘Look, this is what’s going on in your community… and we want you to know this so you can respond directly.”

5Pillars featured our data in an article on the crisis facing northern communities and showed the top 10 areas in which the Zakat shortfall was highest, as well as the top 10 areas where the surplus is highest. Data is at the heart of how NZF operates, and we publish this for everyone to see via Zakat Live which allows anyone to enter their postcode and see how much Zakat has been distributed and collected in their area via NZF.

With a harsh winter upon us, we hope that through the collection and delivery of Zakat to those in need in the UK, as well as telling the story of local Muslims in need, we can play a part in uplifting the community during this difficult time.