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November Update

Spread the Z! NZF turns blue!

We are excited to announce that our logo has turned blue as part of our Winter Campaign 2014! The campaign, which is due to launch next week, aims to raise awareness and funds to help families living in poverty cope with the added problems they face during the harsh winter months. Many are forced to choose between keeping warm or having enough food to eat. Watch this space for full details of the campaign and how you can get involved.WhatsApp and Telegram icons blue to get the word out this winter.

Podcast: Why does NZF exist?


We have recorded a series of podcasts to help you learn about the role of Zakat as a pillar of Islam, and how you help NZF put that into practice. In our first podcast, we address one of the most common questions asked by people on their first encounter with us – ‘Why does NZF exist?’ Listen to the podcast here.

Zakat Distribution Update


In November there has been an increase in the number of grants issued specifically for emergency food and accommodation. With the onset of winter we expect this number to rise rapidly over the next couple of months.

In the last month we distributed £69,817 of Zakat funds to deserving members of the UK Muslim community. We currently have 116 live cases, making our total number of cases 1,760, with a total Zakat distribution of £1,958,430.

If you would like to make a difference, we are looking for volunteers to arrange a Jummah collection for NZF at their local masjid to help us to cope with the increased demand this winter. If you can help, contact us on [email protected].


Award nominations for NZF


NZF has been nominated for a second year for the British Muslim Awards 2015.

NZF in pictures


As winter kicks in, we’ve been blessed with the birth of a new season and a first for NZF in a few new areas; from our first Zakat roundtable discussion to the recording of our new podcast series. Every month we’ll be sharing the best of our events and activities with you. If you manage to snap us in action, send your pictures in to [email protected]Click here to see the album.

Meet the NZF Team at the following events


City Circle, ‘Spring time in Winter’ Friday 12th December, London.
AlKauthar Institute, ‘A to Z of Love & Mercy,’ Sat 13th & Sun 14th Dec, Manchester.

Helping you bring Zakat to life where you live.