Zakat Expert


The Global Donors Forum is the bi annual convening of the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists (WCMP). Our National Manager, Iqbal Nasim, was invited to attend the convention on Wednesday 16th April 2014, in Washington DC, as a guest speaker.

This is an event where donors, government, business leaders, experts and visionaries from across the world come together to offer pragmatic insight and constructive responses to pressing challenges and promote effective giving.

Iqbal spoke about, “The Development of Zakat institutions in Muslim minority communities: opportunities and challenges.” The need to accelerate development through more strategic spending of Zakat was discussed in the context of faith-based giving, as a means to build communities.

This was a great opportunity for the work of NZF to be recognised on an international scale, with representatives of other global institutions and Zakat administrations present.

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