In the news: Dr Sohail Hanif, CEO of NZF, interviewed on Islam Channel

Saturday 23rd April, 2022


Figures suggest that 50% of UK Muslims are already living in poverty (Muslim Council of Britain) and are being hit even harder by the growing cost of living crisis.


With prices rising at the highest rate for 30 years, individuals and families within our community are the worst hit. Many cannot afford basics like food and heating. Many on our doorsteps and in our neighbourhoods are struggling, here and now, to stay afloat. 

As part of a The Big Ramadan Show on Islam Channel, Dr Sohail Hanif was invited to talk about the importance of local Zakat.

He says that “you can’t underestimate what the current cost of living crisis is about… What it really means is that people who’ve been willing, who’ve been working, supporting children in a very difficult setup and just about surviving, now they will not be surviving so easily anymore.”

Watch the full show here:

How you can help your brothers and sisters during the cost of living crisis:


Give: If you have Zakat to give this year, please consider giving it through NZF to help Muslims on your doorstep dealing with unprecedented levels of hardship right here and right now. Give Zakat here: