Islamic Relief UK and NZF Collaborate Once Again to Address Escalating Muslim Hardship in the UK

Thursday 16th March, 2023


The rising cost of living has led to a record number of Muslims in the UK needing financial assistance just to make ends meet. This is evidenced by a dramatic surge in applications to National Zakat Foundation’s (NZF) Hardship Relief Fund over the past year.

In response to this pressing issue, Islamic Relief is once again trusting NZF to distribute a portion of its Zakat in the UK. The funds will be used to help Muslims cover the cost of essentials such as food, clothing and heating bills.

The partnership between Islamic Relief and NZF is entering its third consecutive year and exemplifies how prominent Islamic organisations are uniting to address the urgent needs of Muslims in our communities.

The £300,000 grant from Islamic Relief is the largest to date and will facilitate the distribution of Zakat to those in need across the UK. This will be accomplished through NZF’s extensive direct distribution service, reaching Muslim communities in towns and cities nationwide.


Sohail Hanif, Chief Executive of NZF, said:

“With the worsening UK Muslim poverty crisis, this partnership will help to alleviate suffering for thousands of families in need. The recent Muslim Census survey showed that a third of Muslims living in the UK have skipped meals to afford bills, and one in five have used a food bank in the past year. It’s distressing knowing that thousands of Muslims are going hungry each day right here in the UK.”

Tufail Hussain, UK Director of Islamic Relief said:

“NZF and Islamic Relief will be reaching some of the most vulnerable Muslims in the UK this Ramadan. Muslim communities around the country are facing yet another difficult Ramadan, with rising food costs and energy bills many families are facing impossible choices. This partnership will help to provide a lifeline to those most in need.”

Turn to Zakat and help your brothers and sisters during the Muslim cost of living crisis:


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