NZF announces collaboration with UK-Based Islamic Fintech, MyAhmed

Thursday 14th April, 2022


NZF are pleased to announce that we are a featured charity partner on the MyAhmed app.

This means users of MyAhmed can now give their Zakat and Sadaqah easily, from directly within the app. The app uses the highest level of security and allows for a smooth, quick donation experience for users.  

MyAhmed is a digital Islamic financial solution that allows Muslims to manage their finances without having to compromise on their faith. It offers its customers a fee-free digital account, from which they can spend from their free debit card, track savings, manage their Zakat obligations, and more. 

At NZF we’ve seen a 90% increase in applications to our Hardship Relief Fund – that’s for the basics like food and clothes. The rise in cost of living means many Muslims in our communities, right here in the UK, are struggling. In the last year, we’ve helped more than 15 thousand people, with 5 million pounds of your Zakat. As a featured charity partner in the app, MyAhmed are covering all UK fees for donations their users make to NZF, meaning that donations made through their app will make an even bigger impact on those who need it the most, here and now.

The MyAhmed app can be downloaded through both App Store/Google Play.