Zakat Expert

Raising awareness about our work is crucial and all it needs is your time.

Speak to your friends, send a text or put up some posters. You can help spread the message so more people know what we do and why we exist.

Things you can do:

– Change your Facebook profile picture to the NZF logo
– Change your E-mail footer to our NZF footer
– ‘Like’ our Facebook page
– Post a comment on Facebook
– Change your Twitter icon to NZF logo
– Post a tweet on Twitter
– Change your Skype profile picture to the NZF logo
– Change the home screen on your mobile phone to the NZF logo

We can provide you with all the necessary text and files in high resolution format to carry out the above task. Please email [email protected] for files.


Distribute NZF campaign posters and leaflets in your local community.

You can give out leaflets in your local masjid (seek permission first) after regular prayers and jummah, put up posters in local shops and community centres and also share with your friends and family members.

Don’t forget to wear your NZF Champions T-Shirt whilst carrying out this task!

You can order leaflets, posters and your T-shirt (S,M,L,XL) from [email protected].

Please state your name, address and T-Shirt size (if you don’t have one).


Helping you bring Zakat to life where you live.