Zakat Expert

How many times have we attended Islamic events to be in the presence of like-minded Muslims, and take Prophetic wisdoms in search of the elusive ‘iman boost’ that many of us working 9-5 crave? The fix we get from such events however tends to fizzle out as soon as we return home and our head hits the pillow. Last month we hosted a seminal event, “Community at the Crossroads,” to call people to take action and address the practical challenges of our time and understand our roles in securing our future.

Discussions covered a range of topics, including taking responsibility for the impoverished on our doorstep, providing opportunities for women, and respectfully embracing the learnings of first generation UK Muslims to build a stronger future here together. Our keynote speaker, Imam Zaid Shakir, stressed the importance of meeting local needs to enable us to thrive in this life and the next. “We can give all our money abroad and help the Muslims a little bit, or we can invest some of our money at home in building much needed institutions and build a long lasting legacy for years to come.”

Inspiring reminders reinforced the potential that we have as a group of professionals and activists to become voices that are not only heard but are actively sought when our characters are governed by the sunnah and we deliver practical solutions for the society that we live in.

One attendee, Dr. Bilal Hassam commented, “Imam Zaid Shakir has articulated an all embracing and challenging vision for Western Muslims. I’m grateful that NZF’s pioneering work is helping to realise that through local service and humility we can return to the Prophetic spirit that transformed the world.”

We hope that this event is one of many more to come, and would like to thank our event sponsor, Al Rayan Bank and event partners for their support.

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