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A story of transformative Zakat in the UK


2021 marks ten years since NZF was launched.

In that time, we’ve gone from an idea among a group of passionate brothers and sisters, to a nationally reaching platform that connects Zakat givers, and those in need of Zakat, right across the country.

But this is not a story about NZF. It’s a story about you.

Alhamdulillah, over the last ten years your Zakat has helped tens of thousands of Muslims facing hardship and desperation, right here in the UK.

The past year has been our busiest yet, and the ongoing impact of the pandemic means we’re sure to face many more challenges in the years to come.

But if the last ten years at NZF has taught us anything, it’s that whatever life throws at us, as a community, as an Ummah, Zakat gives us a powerful and transformative means to overcome difficulty.

For all your support, and for being part of this mission, may Allah reward you. Ameen.

Here’s to ten years together, working towards a thriving, closer Muslim community powered by Zakat.


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