Zakat Expert


Thursday 30 May 2019

The Need

We expect a 40% increase in the number of applications from our brothers and sisters in poverty across the UK in 2019 – that’s over 2,000 more people than last year.

We have NEVER turned away any eligible Zakat recipient for lack of funds. Let’s come together in these last days and nights of Ramadan to make sure we never have to. The good news is we’ve made it even easier for you to support them.


Your Choice

– You now have the choice to RESTRICT your Zakat to support Muslims in poverty only (Economic Empowerment Programme).

– For website donations (, please tick the restriction option before you pay.

– For donations by telephone (03333 123 123), please let our team know.

– For bank transfers (NZF, 01249702, 30-00-83), please reference all restricted payments with the following: ZAKAT POVERTY.

– Anyone who has already paid Zakat since 1st Jan 2019, and would like to restrict it, please send an email to [email protected].

Our Pledge

In recent days, many of you have voiced concerns about our work and given feedback. We apologise for the lack of clarity and for the disappointment that you have felt. You want to know how we have used, and will use, your Zakat to invest in leadership. We are listening and are taking action!

Unfortunately, We Cannot:

– Discuss the identities or circumstances of anyone who receives or has received leadership funding in an individual capacity. We appreciate this is frustrating for some, and we are reconsidering this policy for future beneficiaries, but we cannot break our commitment to those we have funded in the past.

But We Certainly Will:

– NOT approve funding for any new leaders in an individual capacity until we assess, update and communicate our criteria publicly.

– Let you know which organisations have received, and are receiving funding from NZF. Today, the only initiatives we are committed to funding are Cambridge Muslim College and MCB’s Centre for Media Monitoring.

– Consult you, our supporters, scholars and experts as we move forward.

Our vision and mission remain the same. Our processes and communication will improve, God willing. Forgive us for our shortcomings, pray for our guidance, and stay with us for the journey ahead.


Helping you bring Zakat to life where you live.