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In his latest interview, NZF Chief Executive, Iqbal Nasim, spoke to Turkish news channel TRT World about the benefits of Zakat, NZF’s work and the struggles the Muslim community faces while preparing for a second Ramadan in lockdown.

14th March 2021

Muslims across the UK have been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, but as Iqbal explains, Zakat is a powerful means for helping the most vulnerable in our community overcome hardship so we can all live good, confident and faithful lives.

“I like to sort of explain Zakat as a membership fee… Because I think that’s a very easy way for people to understand what it is we’re talking about. It’s almost like, as a Muslim, you’re part of ‘Club Muslim’, right? And this is your membership fee basically. And then those funds are used to make the environment as conducive as possible to basically a good life.”

Thanks to TRT World for putting together such a wonderful piece highlighting the third pillar of Islam and why it’s so important, now more than ever.

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