Zakat Expert

Wednesday 5th February 2020

NZF has unveiled a variety of improvements to its Zakat giving experience in 2020 and beyond.

We’ve launched a new Zakat giving portal and made key changes to the way you can give Zakat through NZF, providing you with more choice, more clarity, more transparency and more peace of mind. Why not try it out now by giving a little Zakat on our new and improved giving page (beta phase), where you will also be able to rate the service and leave your feedback.

More choice

Allocate your Zakat

For the first time, you can now decide exactly what your Zakat achieves by allocating it however you like across three new funds:

  1. Hardship Relief
  2. Housing & Work
  3. Education (read more below)

Or you can choose the option to go with our recommended allocation.

Make your Zakat 100%

Normally we use a small portion of Zakat to fund the costs of our grants team. This is needed to assess and support Zakat applicants, ensuring your Zakat goes where it should. But if you prefer 100% of your Zakat to go directly to those who need it, you can now give a voluntary add-on to cover the costs instead.

More clarity

Grants for individuals only

Our Leadership Investment Programme previously funded individual leaders for both personal and project costs (through our Muslim Leaders Development Fund), as well as institutions. We’ve made two key changes here:

We’ll no longer be directly funding any institutions. Only individuals who qualify for Zakat can get your Zakat.

Those individuals will now be supported via the Education Fund. And you’ll only provide funding for their course fees and training costs to help their development and quality of community service. No money will be used to fund any project costs.

Of course, you can now decide to opt-out of the Education Fund altogether if you prefer.

More transparency

We know that it can be frustrating to give Zakat and then never find out what happens next. Our new ZakaTracker service will now inform you exactly when your Zakat has been given to help fellow Muslims and the overall impact of your chosen fund(s). This way, you’ll never have to give Zakat again and be left wondering what happened to it.

Peace of mind

We meticulously ensure that your Zakat only goes to those who should be receiving it:

  1. We’ve redesigned the application process for recipients and strengthened our eligibility checks.
  2. Our Zakat policies adhere to conservative scholarly opinions on how Zakat should be used.
  3. All our policies and processes have been reviewed and certified by the Islamic Shari’ah Council and Markaz al-Ifta’ wa’l-Qada’. We hope to be in a position to announce the support of other scholarly panels soon.

You can try giving a little Zakat now on our new and improved giving page.

By giving Zakat through NZF you can help achieve our vision of a thriving, closer Muslim community in the UK.

Helping you bring Zakat to life where you live.