Zakat Expert


The UK’s first Zakat Centres… 

A place where every Muslim in need can be supported and find help from within their own faith community. These Centres are a major leap forward towards achieving this outcome.

The UK’s first Zakat Centres are situated in the heart of London and in Birmingham. These Centres will function as a one-stop shop, providing services for both Zakat payers and recipients, reviving a forgotten pillar for the UK Muslim community and honouring the Prophetic tradition of local collection and distribution of Zakat.


Do we need a Zakat Centres? 

The demand for the services that we will be providing at the Centres is very real. Millions of pounds of Zakat remain unpaid every year owing to a lack of awareness and understanding of this pillar. In addition, there are thousands of eligible recipients in the UK who have a right to be supported.


What does a Zakat Centre do?  

With the Centre offering a customer facing ‘high-street’ experience, it will now allow for an extension of NZF services to cater for drop-ins, consultations, training and workshops.

Our model for a Zakat Centre is one where Zakat payers would experience Zakat education, calculation and collection rather like they might experience banking services at their local branch, and that recipients would experience Zakat distribution as they might experience a CAB clinic or Job Centre.


Where are the Centres located? 

London –  41 Fieldgate St, Whitechapel, London E1 1JU
Birmingham – 28 George Street, Balsall Heath, Bimingham, B12 9RG


What services are available at the Zakat Centres?

Helping you bring Zakat to life where you live.