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In his latest article, NZF Chief Executive, Iqbal Nasim, calls on charities to place a renewed focus on transparency to meet the demands of a more challenging donor environment post-COVID.


The charity sector, like most industries, is going through a very challenging time at the moment, with the financial impact of COVID-19 hitting donors pockets at the same time as the services charities provide becoming increasingly sought after.

It’s clear that for charities to survive, they need to find innovative new ways to connect with the public through these difficult times. As NZF’s Chief Executive Iqbal Nasim writes today in Global Policy Journal, the challenges facing the charity sector are not new, and for some time non-profit organisations have faced a trust issue which needs to be resolved.

In the article, Nasim calls on charities to embrace greater transparency as one way to reconnect with donors and potentially overcome the challenges of COVID. NZF has committed to improving its own transparency levels through ZakaTracker, which informs givers exactly when and where their Zakat is distributed.

“Initiatives like this have helped to build trust within the community, and keep the contributions coming in.”

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