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National Zakat Foundation (NZF) is looking for Advisors to join the Customer Services Advisory Panel (CSAP) 

The Customer Service Advisory Panel is established to enhance and optimise the customer service operations provided by the National Zakat Foundation (NZF). With a primary focus on improving customer satisfaction, efficiency, and effectiveness, the CSAP serves as a central body to oversee, evaluate, and improve all aspects of customer service delivery.

We are seeking Advisors who:

  • are committed to ensuring Zakat is effectively distributed to those in need in the UK;
  • can help NZF think long term and strategically;
  • have strong communication skills and a critical and curious mind;
  • can influence key stakeholders within their sphere of expertise and more widely;
  • understand how systems operate and can be improved.

About NZF

NZF helps Muslims bring Zakat to life, right here in the UK. Our online network enables individual Zakat givers to give to Muslims in need nationwide. Through NZF, Zakat givers support people to get their lives back on track and unlock the potential of those held back by their finances. NZF makes it simple for Zakat givers to calculate the Zakat they owe and for people to apply for and receive help. This brings Muslims together and creates a thriving, closer community.

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To apply, please email Rizwana Mayat, Business Support Manager at [email protected] with:

✅ A covering letter which:
1. addresses the essential criteria for the role
2. tells us why you want to be an Advisor
3. explains what difference your contribution is likely to make to the work of NZF

✅ An up to date record of your achievements.

Helping you bring Zakat to life where you live.