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Afrah came to the UK so she could give her children a better chance at life. But life as an asylum seeker in Glasgow has been an uphill struggle.

Here’s how your Zakat supported Afrah and reminded her she wasn’t alone.

I left my country Kuwait to give my children a chance at life, making my way to the UK, thinking things would be easier.

But as a divorced single-mother, raising my children in a new country has been so hard. Everyone speaks a different language and I don’t know my way around. As a Kuwaiti Bidoun, I was not classed as a citizen in my home country and so I claimed asylum. But as an asylum seeker, I can’t get the financial help I need here in Scotland. That’s why I turned to National Zakat Foundation (NZF). I had nothing, and me and my children just couldn’t live like that anymore.

After speaking to their Hardship Relief Team, NZF gave me and my family £700 to keep us going. This helped pay for our food and living costs. Even though my struggles are not over, I can’t describe how much this helped. It helped me get by and gave me back some hope that things might get better.

Getting Zakat from local Muslims was a big moment for me. It was the first time I felt like people in this country cared about us. Before that, I felt like we’d been invisible.

I ask God to reward everybody who gives their Zakat through NZF. And if I could say anything to those Zakat givers, I’d say: please keep giving. There are many more families like mine who need your help.


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This post is based on a true story.

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