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Myra is a single mother. Each month she struggles to cover the cost of raising her two children. When her financial situation became unbearable, she came to National Zakat Foundation for help.

Here’s how your Zakat helped her provide for her kids.

Being a single mother is hard enough when you’re in your home country. Even with an extended family to support you, it’s not the same as having a husband to share your responsibilities with.

But my family is back home in Iraq. So when I say I’m a single mother, I mean it’s just me.

If that wasn’t hard enough, most months are a huge financial struggle. I thought things would get easier when my benefits came through, but they only cover so much. Every month I struggle to cover the rent and
basic costs like bills, food and other essentials that you need when you’re raising two kids.

The only way I’ve managed to survive this long is by going into debt. And when that was no longer an option, I was forced to go to NZF for help.

NZF understood I was in a difficult situation, so they worked as quickly as possible to make sure I got the support I needed. A Grant Officer from the Hardship Relief Team looked into my situation and agreed that I was eligible for Zakat.

Soon after, I received a £550 hardship grant to help cover my rent, food shopping and other living essentials that I’d been struggling to buy. This has also helped me keep on top of my rent and keep a roof over our heads. All thanks to your Zakat. This help has been such a relief, both financially and emotionally. I can sleep easy again knowing my kids will get the basics they need and won’t go hungry.


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