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Nafisa was struggling to single-handedly raise three children while facing mounting debts. When lockdown hit and her children were no longer going to school, the extra strain became too much for her.

Here’s how your Zakat helped her put food on the table in time for Eid.

Ever since I became a single mother, it’s been a struggle. I love my three children more than anything and I do everything I can to keep them safe, well-fed and looked after.

Raising three kids on your own is very difficult. Covering the cost of food and rent alone is a constant battle. I was just about managing to get by, juggling debts and scraping together enough to survive each month. All while trying to put on a brave face, so my kids never had to see the strain I was under.

But when lockdown hit, suddenly I had to look after my three kids all day, every day. I no longer had time to keep on top of things while they were at school and I couldn’t believe the amount of extra food we needed. The bills piled up, as did the debts. Things were out of control, and I couldn’t go on living with the constant pressure.

The future looked so bleak. For the first time since becoming a single mum, I feared the worst. I was so desperate, every time I looked at their faces I wanted to cry, but I knew I had to be strong for them.

Just when I thought I had nowhere to turn, I found out about NZF. I applied to them and they were able to provide me with a Hardship Relief Grant to help me buy food and other essentials just in time for Eid.

I would like to thank every person who gave Zakat through NZF this Ramadan. My struggles are not over, but thanks to you I was able to put food on the table this Eid and start to get my situation back on track. It meant I could spend time with my children on Eid day without the constant worry in the back of my mind. This is the best present I could have hoped for under the circumstances.

May Allah reward you all.


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This post is based on a true story.

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