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When Aneesa’s husband lost his income because of the COVID-19 lockdown, an already struggling family of four was plunged into poverty overnight.

Here’s how your Zakat saved Aneesa’s family from hunger.

Before COVID-19, we were struggling financially but we managed to get by. When the lockdown came into force, my husband – an Uber driver – lost his entire career. And my family lost our only source of income.

Overnight, our situation went from bad to worse and we had no way to feed our two children. Since I couldn’t see a way out and our existing benefits didn’t cover everything we needed, I applied for extra support from the government. Eventually, I gave up on them. Even though I gave them the additional documents they asked for, it was just taking too long, and we were running out of time and options.

It was my niece who told me to apply for National Zakat Foundation’s (NZF) Hardship Relief Fund. She’d given Zakat through NZF so she knew they supported Muslims in hardship right here in the UK.

I took her advice and was amazed at how quickly the NZF Hardship Team reviewed my case and awarded us £750 for basic essentials like food and utilities.

If it wasn’t for your Zakat, my children would’ve gone hungry.

In the past, me and my family used to give Zakat abroad, but I’d urge anyone who’s giving to think wisely and give locally.

I can only imagine how many Muslim families in the UK are struggling like we were. And when the system fails them too, they’ll have nothing but your Zakat to help them.

Right here, right now, Muslims across the country are struggling to get by as the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic has taken effect. With the spread of the coronavirus, the need for Zakat amongst the UK’s Muslims has risen sharply. Applications for Zakat through NZF have more than doubled since the outbreak began.

Give your Zakat through NZF and help us stop Muslims from falling into poverty during this difficult time.

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This post is based on a true story.

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