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When Ahmed and his family arrived in the UK, they had nothing to their name. Unable to work, they received limited support from the Home Office and soon found themselves with barely enough food to eat. With no friends or family to turn to for help, they were scared for their future.

Your Zakat helped to restore their dignity.

Ahmed came to the UK with his wife and daughter seeking safety and a better life. But the journey wasn’t easy, and his struggles in a foreign country began once he arrived.

Due to their legal status, Ahmed and his wife didn’t have permission to work, so they had to rely on the minimal support they received from the Home Office to survive. Despite their best efforts, it simply wasn’t enough to cover their basic needs, and they found themselves regularly relying on food banks to make ends meet.

On the odd occasion, they were given food vouchers to use at Aldi, but the nearest store was too far from where they lived, and they couldn’t afford the bus fare to get there and back. Often, they would go hungry due to not having enough money for food. Eventually, Ahmed managed to get a free bike from a local charity which he would use to get some groceries.

Days were filled with uncertainty and worry as the family struggled to provide for themselves. It was a hopeless situation until they heard about NZF.

Zakat and its power.

Ahmed applied to the Hardship Fund and finally breathed a sigh of relief when his application for Zakat was approved.

Your Zakat alleviated their immediate financial distress and enabled them to purchase food items in bulk, which they could also use for Ramadan and Eid. Ahmed was grateful that he could fulfil his daughter’s wishes. Your Zakat profoundly impacted the family, giving them the strength and hope to continue their journey towards a better life in the UK.

“I’m so grateful for the help we’ve received, it’s given us some relief from our difficulties and allowed us to be better prepared for Ramadan and Eid. Thank you to everyone at NZF for thinking about people like us.”


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Based on a true story. Names have been changed and stock images have been used to protect identities.

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