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When Sarah escaped her violent marriage, she had no idea how she was going to provide for her four young children. With only the clothes on her back when she left, she desperately needed help but couldn’t find the support she needed until she came across NZF.

Your Zakat helped Sarah feel like she was no longer alone.

Sarah wasn’t married long before the abuse from her husband started. He would be violent towards her but then apologise and promise it wouldn’t happen again. But it did. As a convert to Islam, she felt alone and scared as she didn’t have the support of her friends or family. So she stayed with him, hoping things would get better, but they didn’t.

After years of abuse, Sarah finally plucked up the courage to leave her husband. With just the clothes she was wearing, Sarah left behind a life of fear and uncertainty, determined to create a better future for her children.

Despite her bravery, Sarah faced many challenges as she navigated life as a single mother. With limited resources and no support from her ex-husband, Sarah struggled to make ends meet and provide for her children – one of whom is disabled.

Relying on benefits alone wasn’t enough to pay the bills. She lived in fear of her gas being shut off, leaving her family without heat or hot water in the harsh winter months. The rise in the cost of living only made matters worse. Desperate and hopeless, Sarah felt she was failing her children. That’s when Sarah heard about NZF.

Zakat and its power.

Sarah applied to the Hardship Fund and received Zakat to help pay her gas bill and other essentials. The assistance provided by NZF gave Sarah a much-needed lifeline, allowing her some breathing space to focus on her children without the constant fear of how she would provide for them.

“Tonight, I will put my head on the pillow without stressing over finances and money. I’ll be able to pay the £300 bill for gas this month. Thank you to everyone at NZF, I don’t feel so alone anymore.”

Sarah’s story is just one example of the transformative impact that Zakat can have on the lives of those in need. With your support, we can continue to help families like Sarah’s and give them hope for a brighter future.


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Based on a true story. Names have been changed and stock images have been used to protect identities.

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