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Alone in the city, Emre was living in a hostel with just enough benefits for food. With no money even for bus fare, Emre felt completely cut off from life. But Zakat changed all that.

Every day Emre stayed in the small, sparsely-furnished room he had been given to live in, leaving only to buy his meagre meals. He didn’t know anyone in the UK, had no money to explore the city, and couldn’t even afford a mobile phone to make contact with friends and family. Often, he’d go days without speaking to anyone.

At home in Turkey he’d been a popular man with a wide circle of friends in his community. Here, he wondered if he’d ever find such companionship again. All that began to change when he found NZF, and applied for a grant from our Hardship Fund. He was able to buy warm clothes and replace his worn out shoes. Buying a cheap mobile phone allowed him to speak to family back home. He could travel to the Mosque and started to make friends in the local community.

Emre had never felt more alone. But Zakat showed him he wasn’t. Now he feels part of a strong and caring Muslim community again.

Based on a true story. A volunteer actor has been used to illustrate the impact your Zakat can bring.

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