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Ayesha and her family fled Syria seeking safety in the UK. They were caught up in the asylum system, and with living costs increasing every month, security and warmth felt like a long way off. But your Zakat was here to help.

All Ayesha wanted was to bring up her children, alongside her husband, without the fear of war towering over the family, home and livelihoods.

In Syria, she’d worked as an accountant for local family-owned businesses, but her city had become unsafe due to the war. She had extended family in the UK and made the decision to seek safety close to them.

Neither Ayesha nor her husband realised how long the UK asylum process would take. With good English, they filled in the forms and did the interviews relatively easily, yet the process still took ages. As they waited, they rented a tiny flat, relying on benefits to help pay the rent. Ayesha found warm clothing at a charity shop which helped during the cold Winter and Spring nights.

Ayesha found friendship at her local mosque, even taking part in fundraising for good causes in her local community whilst experiencing her own hardship. A sister told her about NZF and we were able to help with a grant from our Hardship Relief Fund. This helped Ayesha and her family tackle their most pressing needs – paying the rent, getting on top of bills, and keeping warm.

“With your help and your support, you brought me the belief that good people exist. Your Zakat made such a big difference to our family,” Ayesha said. “We were able to think of a positive future.”

The family’s journey isn’t over yet, but hope is on the horizon – and with the asylum process nearing completion, Ayesha is beginning to feel a sense of security and hope at last.

Based on a true story. For anonymity, a stock image has been used to illustrate the impact your Zakat can bring.

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