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Othman, an asylum seeker from Sudan, had been struggling to keep up with his bills for over a year. With a wife depending on him, he reached out to NZF for a grant from the Hardship Relief fund.

Here’s how your Zakat helped him in his moment of need.

When I first applied for a hardship grant from NZF, I felt a little embarrassed that I needed help. But when I called NZF, they did their assessment and then provided me with support almost immediately. I never imagined a day when I’d be a Zakat recipient, but I was so grateful for that £400 and in that moment I thanked Allah that Zakat existed.

There’s nothing I’d love more than to provide for myself and my wife, but because I’m an asylum seeker I’m not allowed to work.

I was struggling to keep up with my rent as my housing benefit doesn’t cover the full amount. As you can imagine, it quickly became hard to keep up with basic living costs.

I’m thankful to God, first and foremost, for helping me and my wife through the hands of NZF. I also have to thank you. NZF wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Muslims like you giving your Zakat. When you’re in need, I pray God removes your hardship just like you helped remove mine. My struggles aren’t over, but thanks to you I was able to get through an especially difficult time.


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This post is based on a true story.

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