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Unable to find work because of COVID-19, Mahmood relies on government support to survive. Unfortunately, those benefits don’t cover his bills which means every single month is a struggle for him and his family.

Your Zakat released some of the pressure on Mahmood.

Thanks to your Zakat, NZF was able to give me a £750 hardship grant that I could use towards everyday living costs. The relief I felt that day is hard to describe. I was so happy I could finally give my wife some good news, especially after the hardship we’d been living with for so long.  

When I moved to the UK from Syria, I thought life would be easier. I thought we’d experienced the worst that life had to offer. I thought as long as me and my family have a roof over our heads, we’d be okay. 

I’m extremely grateful we’re living in safety and no longer trapped in a warzone, but living here in the UK is not easy eitherI’m a 30year-old-man with a wife and two children to take care of, but I’m unable to find work right now, and the COVID pandemic has made that even more challenging. That means we rely on the benefits we get, but sadly they don’t cover all our bills and expenses. 

Every month, we have more money going out than coming in and the debt mounts with each passing day. By the time I contacted NZF, I was struggling to feed my family. 

I was under a lot of pressure, not knowing who or where to turn to. Your Zakat didn’t just give my family food and clothes, it gave us a reason to smile again. I don’t know what the future holds, but knowing there’s a community of Muslims here in the UK who support people like me in our time of need makes the uncertainty a bit easier to deal with. May God reward you all. Ameen. 


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