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When single mother Ubah had her benefits cut out of the blue, the debt began to spiral out of control. Ubah was on the verge of being kicked out of her home when she came to NZF.

This is the story of how Zakat given through NZF saved Ubah from becoming homeless and helped her survive until her benefits came through again.

Is there anything harder than being a single mother?

Everything is on you and you alone. Every mealtime, every bath time and every expense. There’s no one else to pick up the load when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You are the mother and father; the man and the woman of the house.

If I’d known leaving would stop my benefits, I wouldn’t have gone. But it did. And when they stopped, I couldn’t afford my rent anymore. Within a few months, I owed my landlord nearly £2600.

When he sent me a final reminder and told me I’d be evicted if I didn’t pay, I did what I’d been avoiding all along.

I asked for help.

I got the support I desperately needed

NZF gave me a Programme Officer who was dedicated to helping me. It meant I could get to know her and build a relationship, instead of feeling like I was telling a complete stranger my greatest worries and fears.

Thanks to local Zakat-givers, I was awarded a hardship grant of around £1600 to cover the bulk of my rent arrears. My two children (who are currently at university) helped me pay the rest.

Over the course of three months, your Zakat also covered £600 in Tesco vouchers so I could buy essentials like food and clothes.

God took care of me through you

If people didn’t give their Zakat here in the UK, I’d be hungry and homeless right now. Your Zakat saved me from eviction, cleared my debt, and helped me survive until my Universal Credit came through again.

It meant I didn’t have to be too much of a burden on my children and, most importantly, gave me a future free from worry, fear and regret.

And He did – through your Zakat.

This post is based on a true story.

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