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Danyal’s application for citizenship has been repeatedly denied. But Danyal didn’t want his son to be deported from the only country he has called home, so Danyal came to NZF and asked for urgent immigration help.

This is Danyal’s story of how your Zakat helped him and his family have a stable future.

Since we came to this country in 1996, fleeing persecution, my wife and I have been struggling to survive. I hadn’t known it was possible to live in poverty in the UK until I experienced it myself, I wasn’t supposed to work as I didn’t yet have the right to reside here, but out of utter desperation, I got a job. It was a mistake. Since then, the Home Office have rejected our citizenship applications and our subsequent appeals.

We now have a son who was born here and who calls this country home. I wanted him to never be forced to leave the only home he knows. My son was eligible to become a UK citizen but we didn’t have the money to move forward with his citizenship application. I turned to National Zakat Foundation for help.

NZF didn’t judge me

I was worried NZF would tell me this was all my fault, but they didn’t. NZF understood the stress and strain that an uncertain immigration status causes and they wanted to help me build a stable future for my son.

After assessing our case, NZF covered the £1,500 cost of the immigration application for my son. And when they saw we didn’t have enough money to eat properly, NZF also gave us £1,200 to help cover the cost of our bills, giving us much-needed relief.

Thanks to your Zakat, my son is free

My child now has a permanent and safe home, free from the fear of deportation.

It also means he’ll be able to build a career for himself in the UK, and help provide for our family so we never have to rely on charity again.

Thanks to your generosity and God’s Mercy, he’ll become a source of provision for this family. And maybe one day, we’ll be Zakat givers instead of Zakat recipients.

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