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What were the roles and departments in the administrators of Zakat?

Shaykh Wahbah al-Zuhayli (may Allah have mercy upon him) and others have enumerated the following roles as part of Al-‘Amilina ‘Alayha:
1) Al-Sa’i (Zakat collector) – primarily responsible for Zakat collection on animal livestock
2) Al-‘Ashir (Zakat collector)– Zakat collectors from traders, merchants, businessmen and travellers passing by their Zakat offices.
3) Al-Katib (The accountant) – He would document payments and deal with receipts.
4) Qasim al-Zakat (distributer of Zakat) – These were caseworkers who would allocate Zakat funds to recipients.
5) Hafiz al-Mal (guardian of Zakat funds) – These were people entrusted in protecting the wealth gathered in Zakat.
6) Al-Kharis (Stock valuer) – These were officials who would perform stock takes.
7) Al-Hasib (Zakat calculator) – These officials would assist in calculating Zakat payments

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