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  • Zakat ul Fitr is obligatory charity which is at Eid-ul-Fitr at the end of the month of Ramadan. This is so that poor Muslims will be able to enjoy Eid.  
  • As per the Hanafi school, it must be paid by every Muslim if the total value of his/her Zakatable assets (cash, gold, silver, merchandise) plus non-essential items (i.e. assets above their basic needs) minus liabilities (debts) equals or exceeds Nisab (the minimum amount that a Muslim must have before being obliged to give zakat). A person must also pay Zakat ul Fitr on behalf of all children under their care.   
  • The quantity is described by the Prophet (SAW) as one saa’ of food – equal to four scoops when one puts their hands together.  The equivalent amount of money is currently recommended at £7.   


Approved by Mufti Amjad 6th August 2023

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